Are you ready to meet Argelato that brings in quite different dimension and taste to the ice cream and adds a different dimension to the palatal delight?

Argelato’s primary purpose is to meet our consumers with the taste of the natural and true ice cream. We do know that many ice creams on the market are mad of artificial aroma, glucose syrup, artificial sweeteners and coloring agents rather than natural ingredients. We had strived for a long time and succeeded to combine Italian style ice cream with the new and different tastes.


Argelato products are made of 100% natural ingredients, such as daily fresh milk, natural beet sugar, natural fruits and the real chocolate. Our products are manufactured fresh every day by our chiefs, who have been trained in Italy, at hygienic conditions and they are supplied to you without being stored for a long time.

Our ice creams are light and healthy, as they are made of natural materials with low sugar and fat. Bringing a new perspective to Italian style ice cream, Argelato will add value to your locations and it will also make you the unchangeable and necessary point of the ice cream.