It is very important to sustain the hygienic conditions until the consumption date for our ice creams that are produced at hygienic conditions in strict accordance with the quality standards. Therefore, the service personnel should following the rules of hygiene.

Besides, the cleanliness of the show cabinet is of particular importance.
The cabinets are the predominant tool of display. Therefore, interior and exterior surfaces and the windows of the cabinet should be properly cleaned once a day. Moreover, the ice clusters that form in the cabinet should be scraped such that the texture of the cabinet is not damaged.
(This will ensure power saving and increase the cooling performance). The products should be served at the temperature range of -14 to -16℃, while the storage temperature should be -18/-20 ℃.

The cabinets should not be exposed to sun rays and should be located distant to the heaters, and the vents of blowers should not be obstructed. The cabinets should not be unplugged and the upper surface of the cabinets should be covered for the wind and sun protection.